Monday, September 28, 2009

What can my child be for Halloween?

The possibilities are endless! It is even better when you are a child! They can be so much for Halloween that it is hard to even start! Since costumes and children go so well together, many costumes are designed with your child in mind.

For example, take this Mickey Mouse costume.
This child dressed up as Mickey Mouse is too adorable! Good news is that it is available from Annies Halloween Costumes. You do not have too worry about your child not sticking out.

This Baby Pea costume is available for infants. This is from Annies Halloween Costumes as well. Now, you can even take your little bundle of love and joy around with you. Why should they be left out? It is very warm and cuddly to ensure your little one stays warm.

This girl is dressed up as Hannah Montana. Which girl is not crazy over Hannah Montana? All of them are.
It comes complete with a gold jacket, gold top, black leggings and silver glitter belt to make the whole Hannah Montana experience realistic. Maybe your daughter can live the double life of the star of the show!

Here is another example of what your child can do. There is also a male version of this costume. This is from the the movie "Incredibles!" This makes for a very memorable Halloween costume.

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